How to Access the Balance Sheet of the People's Bank of China (PBOC) in 2023

Government agencies are required by the constitution to disclose their work to the public. The balance sheet of the People's Bank of China (referred to as the "central bank" below) is one of them.

Given the various economic issues that are currently visible to the public, it is particularly necessary for individuals to understand the central bank's balance sheet and analyze the economic situation to help future decision-making in today's financial environment.

However, the entrance to query the central bank's balance sheet on its official website is not obvious, and it can even be said to be somewhat hidden.

This article is here to help everyone find the public entrance of the central bank's balance sheet on its official website.

First, log in to the official website of the central bank


Then click on the "Investigation and Statistics" tab to enter the page of the central bank's Investigation and Statistics Department

Investigation and Statistics

Then, under the "Statistical Data" tab, click on the year of research, such as 2023

Investigation and Statistics 2

Next, on the "2023 Statistical Data" page, select "Monetary Statistics Overview"

2023 Statistical Data

Finally, on the "Monetary Statistics Overview" page, you can view the "Central Bank's Balance Sheet"

You can view it in three different formats: htm, xls, and pdf
Balance Sheet

This method is applicable to the year 2023. Since the central bank's official website occasionally undergoes revisions, the entrance may change. If the entrance changes in the future, it will also be updated. Wishing you great success in the future. 😉

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