How to install GMS on HarmonyOS 4.0 in October 2023.

Editor's Note:#

With the upgrade of HarmonyOS to 4.0, the GMS suite installed during the 3.0 era no longer works properly on Huawei phones. It needs to be reinstalled. The installation process is similar to that of 3.0. If there are any issues, please refer to the 3.0 installation tutorial.

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Still refer to the method and suite provided by the Cream House blog. The link is as follows:


The link to the video tutorial is as follows:


I have personally tested this solution and successfully installed GMS on Huawei phones running HarmonyOS 4.0. The successful model is "Huawei Nova 7 5G". I wish all my friends a pleasant installation.


During the third step of the installation tutorial, "Changing Phone Backup," you may encounter a situation where the "Restore from Internal Storage" option does not appear when you tap the four small dots in the upper right corner of the "Backup and Restore" interface. In this case, please check the extraction path of "". If the path is "\Huawei\Huawei\Backup", please move the "Backup" folder to the "\Huawei" directory, ensuring that the directory location of the "Backup" folder is "\Huawei\Backup". Following the instructions provided by "Cream" should then proceed without any issues.

During the step involving ADB debugging, since ADB debugging needs to be performed, it is necessary to install the ADB driver in advance, which is part of the Huawei suite. The video and tutorial do not mention this, so I would like to remind everyone here.

After following the tutorial provided by "Cream" to complete the installation, do not enable "App Twin" and "PrivateSpace", as it will result in the error message "This device has not been certified by Play Protect" and cause the phone to not function properly.

If any step is performed incorrectly (including opening App Twin or PrivateSpace after installation), the problem can be resolved by starting over from the beginning. Don't panic.

After reinstalling, a new GSF code will be obtained, so the step of registering the GSF code cannot be skipped.

During the installation process, you may encounter many issues, in addition to those mentioned above. There are also tutorials available online. Please feel free to use them.

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