This is the first website I created, and it is also the first web3.0 website I created.

The purpose of creating this website is to record some of my daily experiences, thoughts, and trivial matters of life. You can think of it as my diary, or as a place like a public account. In the future, I may also post some original videos here and try to be an independent content creator. However, no matter how you look at it, this place gathers some bits and pieces of my life, and I hope that these contents can inspire you.

Let's just write these contents for the first article. I hope everyone has fun here.

Tai Xu is born without limits; without limits, Tai Chi is born; Tai Chi gives birth to the two elements; the two elements give birth to the three talents; the three talents give birth to the four images; the four images give birth to the five elements; the five elements give birth to the six combinations; the six combinations give birth to the seven stars; the seven stars give birth to the eight trigrams; the eight trigrams give birth to the nine palaces; all things return to the ten directions.

I hope this first work can create everything and cultivate a different brilliance.

Romance Under the Milky Way (Instrumental)
Romance Under the Milky Way (Instrumental)

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